Inter-County Cooperative Publishing Association

303 Wisconsin Avenue N.
P.O. Box 490
Frederic, WI 54837
Fax 715-327-4870

Mission Statement

Inter-County Cooperative Publishing Association is in business to publish newspapers and shoppers in a manner that provides fair, honest, and accurate information; and to sell office supplies, quality printing and offer any related services.  In support of this, we believe in:

  • Providing quality service and products to our customers by working with them to understand their wants and needs.

  • Providing a forum for community issues.

  • Providing a workplace with good working conditions, wages and benefits for the employee's personal growth and fulfillment while maintaining good communication with the company.

  • Continual expansion and upgrading of equipment  to provide quality products and services.

  • Operating efficiently to make the company profitable so we can continue to be a major provider of employment for the community.