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History of ICCPA

Mission Statement


Inter-County Cooperative Publishing Association is in business to publish newspapers and shoppers in a manner that provides fair, honest, and accurate information; and to sell office supplies, quality printing and offer any related services.  In support of this, we believe in:

  • Providing quality service and products to our customers by working with them to understand their wants and needs.

  • Providing a forum for community issues.

  • Providing a workplace with good working conditions, wages and benefits for the employee's personal growth and fulfillment while maintaining good communication with the company.

  • Continual expansion and upgrading of equipment  to provide quality products and services.

  • Operating efficiently to make the company profitable so we can continue to be a major provider of employment for the community.


The Beginning:

"We've got to start a newspaper!"

As the story goes, Charles Eckels is quoted for the moment he realized the local farmers needed a paper. On November 1, 1933, the Inter-County Cooperative Publishing Association prepared our newspaper for its very first print.



Purchased the Milltown Advertiser

The acquisition of the Milltown Advertiser would be crucial to the later start of the Indianhead Advertiser.



Birth of the Indianhead Advertiser

After the purchase of the Milltown Advertiser came the purchase of a new offset printer and with it the start of the Indianhead Advertiser. Less formally and more lovingly known as "The Yellow Paper" across northwest Wisconsin.



Launch of the Tri-County Advertiser

Building on the success of the Indianhead Advertiser and the nucleus of the New Richmond Shopper came the launch of the Tri-County Advertiser.


Further Expansion:

Birth of the Wild Rivers Advertiser

Due to the early success of both the Indianhead and Tri-County Advertisers it was only a short time before the Wild Rivers Advertiser was created to serve the markets in Washburn and Barron counties, as well as parts of Sawyer and Rusk counties. 



More space needed

The success of the advertisers led to the growth of the company and necessitated the move from the Oak Ave plant to the current location on Wisconsin Ave. 


Now and the future:

Business Services

Since then ICCPA has adapted to the changing dynamics of our industry. Significant investments have been made to provide additional services for residents and businesses. Now much more than a publisher, ICCPA provides office supplies, shipping solutions, commercial printing, and marketing services. We thank our community for the continued support and appreciate any opportunity to assist your needs.

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