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Below you will see the deadlines categorized by type of ad and which markets your ad will run in. Deadlines are subject to change during holiday weeks.

For more information, call 715-327-4236.


Display Ad Rates

Display Ads


Indianhead, Wild Rivers North & Wild Rivers South:

• Proof Ads – Noon Wednesday

• Auction Ads – Noon Wednesday

• Entertainment Ads – Noon Wednesday

• Help Wanted Ads – Noon Wednesday

• All Other Display Ads – 3 p.m. Wednesday 


Tri-County North & Tri-County South:

• Proof Ads – Noon Thursday

• Auction Ads – Noon Thursday

• Entertainment Ads – Noon Thursday

• Help Wanted Ads – Noon Thursday

• All Other Display Ads – 3 p.m. Thursday



Inter-County Leader – 10 a.m. Tuesday

Classifeds Deadlines



• To Place An Ad - 3 p.m. Wednesday

• To Cancel An Ad - Noon Wednesday

• To Change An Ad - Noon Wednesday 



• Inter-County Leader – 10 a.m. Tuesday

Inserts Deadlines


Circular inserts must be delivered to our Frederic plant by noon Tuesday prior to publication.


Circular inserts must be prepaid unless a business account has been established.


For more information, contact: Carolyn Foltz

Phone: 715-327-4236


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